Petmate Looney Loops Cat Toys

We're always on the lookout for cool cat toys.  Most cats can be unpredictable when it comes to the toys they respond to, so imagine our surprise when we discovered that these were a huge hit all around.

If you have a cat who likes to play fetch, this is the ultimate fetching toy.  Its main advantages are that it's lightweight and it's very easy for a cat to pick up with her mouth or bat around the room.  They also make a nice clicking sound that gets a cat's attention...when they're willing to have their attention gotten, of course.  

Petmates makes several variations of this toy, but it's these "Looney Loops" that are the most popular with the kitties.  So much so that they've garnered their own nickname - springy!  Of all the cat toys we've been through over the years, this is one of the ones that's been a keeper.  In fact, we know one cat that has to play fetch with these every single night before bedtime.  Very highly recommended.