The Lion in Your Living Room

There are lots of documentaries about cats but there are very few that truly focus on what we know, and don't know, about our feline companions.  The Lion in your Living Room is one of the best.  If I had to give someone a crash course on cats in less than an hour, this is what I'd show them.

The 50 minute show covers a lot of territory in a short time.  The documentary begins with basic cat physiology and also covers dietary needs, communication skills, and territoriality.  There's also a very good section on the evolution of the domestic cat and the ways in which the species became companions to humans.

If there is an omission, it's the lack of a clear argument for the trap-neuter-return (TNR) solution to feral cat overpopulation.  It's mentioned briefly, but there's nothing about ear-tipping spayed and neutered ferals.  While I understand that this isn't the primary focus of the show, it's important to communicate this symbol to the public at large so that they know these ear-tipped ferals have been "fixed".

What's most impressive about the show is the way in which it illustrates how cats view our world.  It's probably the most important insight a cat caregiver can have.  While not all cats behave the same, they all share perceptive abilities and biological needs that are quite different from our own.  The better we understand these differences, the better we'll be at fulfilling the needs of our furry housemates.

The Lion in Your Living Room was written, directed, and produced by Daniel and Donna Zuckerbrot for their Reel Time Images Productions and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in 2015.  It's exceptionally well shot and edited and it contains a wealth of valuable information in an entertaining package.  Very highly recommended!