Catify Scratch & Spin


We’ve all seen the plastic versions of these ball tracks. They’re on the shelves of almost every pet supply store. Some have light up balls. Some have scratchers in the middle. Some are open around the sides while others are open at the top. So what sets Catify’s version apart?

The concept is simple enough. The ball goes in and stays captive (i.e. - not lost under the furniture) while your feline friend attacks it and pushes it around inside the ring with gusto. The good news is that this version is nearly 16” in diameter, weighs over four pounds and has rubber feet, so it stays where you put it. An added bonus is the fact that it’s made of heavy-duty recyclable materials.

So far this toy is a huge hit, trumping even the light up ball version we bought years ago at Target. Unfortunately, that light up ball doesn’t work with this track - it simply won’t fit - but other balls will work if they’re the same size as a ping pong ball (40mm or approximately 1.5” in diameter). It comes with two balls, so you probably won’t ever need to find a replacement unless you just want something different.

The only downside is that there is some noise when those balls go spinning around, but that’s true of all these sorts of products. We suggest removing the balls overnight or whenever you need a quiet moment.

This product is highly recommended!