Review: Pawyep Nail Clippers

We recently took a chance on these somewhat pricey nail clippers from a Chinese company called Pawyep.  Yep, that's right.  Pawyep.  Nope, not sure what they think that might mean in English, but they make some of the best nail clippers for pets.

To start with, these are made of heavy stainless steel.  As long as they remain sharp, these clippers should last for many years.  There are rubbery grips on each side to keep them firmly in hand and the spring folds away so the clippers can be stored in their closed position.

The biggest advantage to these is their size.  Yes, these are actually sized for adult hands!  So many of the less expensive clippers out there are tiny, as if they were designed for use by first graders.  The size and heft of these clippers was a very pleasant surprise.

We were also happy to see that these didn't come equipped with a so-called safety guard.  While the depth guard might work well when used with dogs nails, it's worthless for use with cats.  The depth of the guard is often too deep for cats nails and it obscures the view.  We much prefer the visibility we get without a guard in place at all.

These Pawyep nail clippers come highly recommended!