Black Sabbath Bassist Speaks Out Against Declawing

Geezer Butler, longtime bass player for THE seminal heavy metal band, Black Sabbath, is standing up for cats.  Today, the Humane Society of the United States posted a statement from the rocker encouraging New York state legislators to pass a ban on the inhumane practice of declawing.

In the statement, Geezer writes, "Many know me as one of the founding members of Black Sabbath, but fewer likely know that I am what you might call a 'crazy cat person.' My wife and I have many rescued cats and we have never dreamed of putting them through an elective, convenience surgery such as declawing. Can you imagine having your fingers chopped off at the last bone? That is what the equivalent is for cats who are declawed. It is dreadfully inhumane!"

Rock on, Geezer!  Let's hope the NY legislators listen.

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