78 Yen Project

Cats and dogs in Japan are being euthanized at an alarming rate.  A Ministry of the Environment study showed that over 200,000 animals were gassed to death in 2010 alone.  Finally, someone's stepping up to try and change this.

The 78 Yen Project is based on a 2012 letter from a sixth grader named Chika Tamiyana who was alarmed to learn that kittens who were removed from a neighborhood cat named Kiki had been taken to a "shelter" to be killed.  She learned that gassing each potential pet cost 78 yen.

Now, the 78 Yen Project has been crowdsourced to fund the publication of a children's picture book about Kiki and her kittens in order to further educate Japanese children about the responsibility of having pets.  In Japan, many pets are seen as little more than fashion accessories.  When the current trend gives way to a new one, older pets are sometimes callously discarded.