Up with Cat Butts!

Sometimes when you pet a cat, you get more than you bargained for, but it varies from cat to cat.  Most cats will attack your hand if you pet their upturned belly, while a few actually want a tummy rub.  Carol A. writes:

My cat just started putting her butt in the air every time I rub her. Is this normal? Is there a health issue with her?

Carol, there's nothing to worry about.  Many cats exhibit this behavior, which belongs in the "yes, this is where I want you to pet me" category.   If you've ever wondered where Honey would like to be petted, you can simply let her show you.  Just extend your hand and let Honey take you on a tour of the spots she'd most like you to pet, scratch, and massage.

Cats have scent glands just above the top of the tail and many find it quite pleasant to be stroked there.  We have one cat who especially likes to alternate between this spot and her cheeks.  However, there are those individuals who take great offense at being petted at the base of the tail and they'll let you know in short measure just how displeased they are!

In female cats who have not been spayed, this position is called lordosis and it relates directly to the mating act.  A cat in this position will usually hold her tail off to one side to prepare for the male.  This is rarely the case with spayed females who simply stick their butts in the air because they want some extra scritches at the base of their tails.

As with all petting, you have to know when to say when.  Most cats become agitated if they receive too much stimulation, so stay on the lookout for quick flicks of Honey's tail  That will be her warning that she's had enough for now.

Carol, we wish you and Honey all the best!