Mammary Lumps in Cats


Just like humans, regular doctor visits are essential to cats.  This is especially true of ferals and strays who've gone without medical care for most of their lives.  Gloria T. writes:

My cat Hobo has large soft lumps in her breast. They do not hurt her. Why are they there? She was a stray cat that we took in.

Gloria, first off we want to thank you for caring for Hobo.  It's certain that her life will be much improved now that she's off the streets.

As to the breast lumps, they're probably tumors.  The only way to know whether or not they're malignant is to have a veterinarian test them.  It's a simple test involving removing some of the fluid around the tumor or doing a biopsy.  They may be harmless lipomas which are just fatty deposits, but they could also be mammary gland tumors.  The only way to know for sure is to have Hobo tested.

Mammary tumors metastacize very quickly in cats, so if that's the case with Hobo, you'll need to see a vet as soon as you can.  Their treatment usually involves surgical removal of the tumors and the surrounding tissue.  It's also recommended to have Hobo spayed if she hasn't been spayed already.

No need to jump to conclusions, though, Gloria.  Just make an appointment with the vet and put yourself at ease.  We wish you and Hobo all the best!