Litter Box Cleaning

Marge S. writes in asking how often she should clear her cat's litter box.  She currently clears it once a day and her boyfriend says that's not enough.  Which one is right?

Well, Marge, hate to break it to you, but your boyfriend is right.  If a single cat only has one litter box, it should usually be cleared twice a day.  As a general rule, any time there are three deposits, your cat will consider the box soiled.  A soiled box is much less appealing to a fastidious feline than a clean one, so you risk developing litter box avoidance issues if you don't clear it frequently enough.

Most recommend scrubbing the box and replacing the litter once a week, but that may not be necessary for all cats or all types of litter.  We generally recommend a deep claeing of the litter box once every few months or when you notice that the walls of the box have become soiled. Just remember - your cat has a much greater sense of smell than you do and she wants to use a clean box, but she also likes using a box that has her scent.  Are you doing all you can to provide that for her?