How to get a Cat out of a Tree

Cats get stuck in trees mainly because of the way their claws work.  Those claws are great for climbing, but to get down, a cat pretty much has to go backside first.  This isn't a comfortable situation for a cat who may already be a little bit freaked out by being up so high in the first place.  Add agitated humans yelling at them and waving food around and you have a recipe for the cat being trapped up there.  Unfortunately, most local fire departments will be less than helpful if you ask for their assistance with your trapped feline.  Ebony R. writes:

My cat, Twinkle, has been stuck in a tree for three weeks now. My family and I tried everything possible to get her out! Unfortunately we were unsuccessful at it. PLEASE HELP US!

Ebony, there really is only one foolproof method for getting a cat out of a tree.  You hire a professional.  There are many tree trimming companies that also offer cat rescue services.  It's imperative that you do so soon because Twinkle must be suffering from severe dehydration by now.  She may not survive for much longer.

There are many companies that will do this sort of work.  The key is that they already know how to scale trees and navigate treetops.  Cat in a Tree Rescue posts a list of service providers by state.

If you've tried luring Twinkle down with food and water, and have called her to no avail, this is pretty much the only way you can save her.  We've heard of people sprinkling lots of bird seed at the base of the tree in order to attract birds, but we feel this is a long shot.  The tree trimmers will be your sure-fire solution.

Twinkle's counting on you!