Cleaning a Cat's Eyes

Most cats do an excellent job cleaning themselves.  But, what if they get something in their eyes?  Tonya M. writes:

I was cutting Ms. Kay’s nails and a piece went into her eye. I tried looking but it kept slipping further back. Now I can’t see it. Will this hurt her?

Tonya, the eye is a delicate organ.  It can easily be scratched, and once it's damaged, it can never be replaced.  The longer any foreign material stays in a cat's eye, the more likely it will scratch it, leading to infection or further damage.

Your best bet is to get Ms. Kay to a veterinarian so that they can flush her eye with saline solution before the nail fragment can hurt her.  Some have tried doing this themselves by wrapping their cat in a blanket burrito-style and irrigating the eye with a made-for-humans saline eyewash from the drug store, but we've found it's much better if the vet handles it.  They have the tools and experience needed to make sure the nail fragment is completely removed.  We recommend calling your vet now to see what they recommend.

Problems like this may seem like minor irritants, but they can certainly lead to bigger issues if they aren't resolved quickly.  It's a simple procedure, though, and we're sure that Ms. Kay will be just fine.  We wish you both all the best!