My Cat Won't Eat Solid Food

Cats sometimes have very strong preferences about their food.  Not only the taste, but the texture as well.  Julie H. writes:

My cat Mally Boo loves gravy, but he doesn’t eat the meat. Is there anywhere I can buy just the gravy?

Julie, the gravy isn't available for sale by itself because it doesn't provide complete nutrition.  No otherwise healthy cat should be on an all-liquid diet.  You may be able to fool Mally into eating more solids if you chop the whole meal up very fine in a food processor and add a little water so it's more like a thick soup.  You could also try switching him to a pâté style of food.  Just add some water to it to make it soupier than it is right out of the can.

The big question, though, is why doesn't Mally Boo want to eat solid food?  Is it just a preference - something we see every day in one of our own cats - or is it health-related?  You might want to take this opportunity to take him in for a checkup at your veterinarian.  Ask the doctor to pay special attention to Mally Boo's teeth.  

Dental pain is the number one reason for cats to choose to ignore foods that they have to chew.  Many are very good at hiding their pain.  So good that you'll need to have your vet make the determination for you.  

We feel certain that you'll be able to get Mally Boo to eat a more complete diet in no time!