How Long Should My Cat Sleep Each Day?

Many cat behaviors can come as a surprise to people who haven't cared for a feline before.  Makayla T. writes:

My kitten is sleeping way too much. Is there something wrong with her?

Makayla, you shouldn't worry.  Most young kittens sleep around 20 hours a day.  They need that time to regenerate and grow.  The remaining four hours a day, they'll zip around like crazy, getting into anything and everything, but they'll spend the bulk of their days snoozing.

As she grows, this number will reduce.  Most adult cats sleep around 16 hours a day.  This will begin to increase again when she becomes a senior kitty.

The thing you must remember is that cats don't spend all of that time in deep sleep.  There's a reason we call it a "cat nap".  They're moderately alert to their surroundings even when asleep.  It's only when they know they're safe that they'll relax enough to enter deep sleep.  That's one of the reasons so many cats enjoy sleeping on a warm lap where they know they'll be alerted if danger strikes.

So don't stress, Makayla.  We expect that you and your new kitten enjoy a happy healthy life together!