Supplies for Your New Cat


Many people have asked us what they should purchase prior to bringing their new cat friend home from the rescue.  Well, some of that depends on your specific cat, but we'll give you some general guidelines to get you started.  Some things you'll have considered already, of course, but we'll try and guide you towards the right items so you don't have to purchase things more than once.

Just be prepared to learn as you go.  Like people, cats can have unique personality traits.  Many will have definite preferences in everything from food bowls to sleeping spots.  It's your job to pay attention and read all the messages your cat is sending.  If you're perceptive, you'll soon know all of your little friend's likes and dislikes and you'll have a better chance of buying things he or she will love.

We're going to give you the overall shopping list here, and then break the list down into individual posts with more specific suggestions and the rationale behind them.  Ready?  Let's go!

Shopping List (click each item to see more)